Barotseland Campaigner Nayoto Lyamba Dies at 81

18 September 2020
Nayoto Lyamba speaking to South Africa's eNCA in 2011 - CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE!


Another prominent Barotseland campaigner, Nayoto Lyamba, has died after an illness barely a month following the death of Barotseland independence campaigner, Likando Pelekelo, who died in a Zambian state penitentiary while serving a treason jail sentence for his peaceful Barotseland activism.

Mr Lyamba died yesterday, Thursday, 17th September 2020, at Lewanika General Hospital where he had been hospitalized for some time.

Nayoto Lyamba, 81, joined the Linyungandambo Barotseland Independence Movement right when it started in 2010 as its regional Chairperson for Mongu region.

Mr Lyamba, however, retired from Barotseland activism shortly after his arrest in January 2011 during the Rupiah Banda Zambian administration which arrested over two hundred peaceful Barotse who were headed to a peaceful public gathering at Limulunga Royal Kuta grounds.

He was, however, set free after three months extended incarceration without trial, along with every one of the two hundred Barotse detainees for lack of criminal evidence.

Mr Lyamba later rejoined Barotseland activism through the Barotse Freedom Alliance, BNFA, where he was deputy chairperson general at the time of his death.

He has since been put to rest this afternoon through a burial procession presided over by the Seventh Day Adventist church where he served as a church elder.

Several Barotseland independence movements and their representatives were on hand to give him a befitting send-off, among them, members of the BNFA, Barotse Imilema (BI) and Linyungandambo through its Chairperson Silumesii Mubita.

In the following news clip, Nayoto Lyamba recounts his arrest in 2011 as captured and reported by South Africa’s news media giant eNCA.

COPYRIGHT: Video Courtesy of ENCA Television, South Africa.

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