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03 September 2015

Social media has sprung up everywhere in Barotseland to try and pursue Barotseland related stories.  It must also be explained that conventional media in Zambia, or indeed in Barotseland, continue to shy away from featuring and or covering Barotseland related stories for fear of Zambian government reprisals. There generally exists an un-written code that news about Barotseland not officially reported or authorized by the Zambian government instituted news agencies is considered seditious or treasonable under Zambian laws. This is where Barotseland Post feels duty-bound to bridge the gap and offer a general platform for the Barotseland voice to be heard.

We are, therefore, going to seek collaboration with the various social media platforms centered on Barotseland to try to continue highlighting the Barotseland story in its diverse and multifaceted nature.

Although the Barotse Royal Establishment, BRE, either refuses to officially comment on most of these stories or simply remain mute, strong public opinion usually does exist that the stories are true in most cases, especially as long as the BRE or officials concerned fail to pursue efforts aimed at clarifying the related matters.

Therefore, Barotseland Post wishes to continue to challenge the BRE, and all concerned, to officially clarify these stories and reports one way or the other. Our efforts to get official responses or comments over them have often proved futile as the BRE continue to remain mute. Our earnest appeal to them is that they get in touch with us or respond to our various official calls and inquiries on these matters.

As such the Barotseland Post will publish various selected stories and reports from  these Barotseland related social media platforms under the banner of ‘Social Media Buzz’ for public information only, and so that the public can form own opinion over these matters.

It will now remain on the BRE and relevant Zambian or Barotseland officials concerned to respond to our inquiries as well as get in touch with us to clarify or explain any matters related to issues reported under this Social Media Buzz.


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