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The correct name of the current Litunga (King) of Barotseland is simply Imwiko II and NOT Lubosi Imwiko II.

This is because when Kings are enthroned in Barotseland, they shed off their personal names and will only be addressed by their Kingly name.

Hence, Imwiko II is his correct Kingly name while Lubosi Imwiko II is wrong because Lubosi, his personal name, no longer applies to him.

This error has mostly been perpetuated by the Zambian media, and we too are guilty of having tolerated this anomaly, but must now try to correct this error since we know better.

Thus, even those kings before Imwiko II were often addressed incorrectly. For example, Yeta IV, King before Imwiko II, was always reported as Ilute Yeta IV. This too is wrong because Ilute, his personal name should no longer apply to him upon becoming Litunga.

Similarly, Lewanika II before him was popularly but wrongly called Mbikusita Lewanika II. Again here, Mbikusita, his personal name should no longer apply to him upon his ascension to the throne.

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In an unexpected twist of events, two Princes have been fined two cows each for considering the abdication of Imwiko II, the current Litunga, King of Barotseland.

The Princes, who caused their own fate in the Limulunga Royal Capital after they revealed that their organization, Barotse Development Think Tank, had considered to campaign for the abdication of the King, were made to pledge to pay their respective fines by 31st October 2020.

While addressing the Saa-Siikalo Kuta, Barotseland’s Supreme Court, last month, the duo confessed that they planned to demand that His Majesty, Litunga Imwiko II abdicates because they believed, through some media reports, that His Majesty and the Barotse Royal Establishment were unwilling or had neglected to implement the 2012 Barotse National Council’s unanimous resolutions for Barotseland Independence.

The duo, however, must now pay two cows each for their error which the Kuta considered treasonous, failure to which they would face stiffer punishment.

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Hon. Clement Wainyae Sinyinda, who presided over the historic 2012 Barotse National Council (BNC) in his capacity as Ngambela, Barotseland’s Prime Minister, which unanimously resolved that Barotseland must pursue political independence from Zambia, is shocked that the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) now wishes to betray the landmark resolutions in unclear circumstances.

The former Ngambela wondered why the BRE would want to hoodwink the people of Barotseland into endorsing a fake dialogue process that would perpetuate the subjugation of the Barotse Kingdom by the Republic of Zambia under the illusion of the restoration of the defunct Barotseland Agreement of 1964 which the Zambian State failed to honour for over five (5) decades.

Mr Sinyinda expressed his shock earlier today shortly after meeting with the current Ngambela, Mukela Manyando, and several other Limulunga BRE Induna (ministers), among them Induna Mukulwakashiko (Mr Mowa Zambwe) Induna Imandi (Mr Namushi Nyambe) and Induna Kuso (Mr Muyangwa Mungwaluku) at the Limulunga Kuta, alongside their counterpart Induna from Iñete’s Mongu Kuta.

And proceedings at the Limulunga Kuta were highly charged today as the former Ngambela, leading a delegation of some Barotseland elders and BNFA executive members, tried to persuade the Limulunga BRE not to betray the people of Barotseland's quest for self-determination as unanimously resolved at the historic 2012 Barotse National Council, a source close to the Kuta proceedings has revealed.

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The respective Zambian Permanent Secretaries (PS) for Western and Southern Provinces, Danny Bukali and Mwangala Liomba, have been implicated in a clandestine plot to allegedly 'silence' some targeted Barotseland activists by offering them some disclosed amount of money.

The bribe allegedly offered especially to those once arrested or detained for their involvement in the push for Barotseland independence, is reported to be as high as ZMW 30,000.00 (USD2,000 – USD 2,500.00).

Some of those allegedly targeted have reported that Mr Liomba called them and asked them to contact Mr Bukali for their share of the money if only they could commit to renouncing the Barotseland independence bid.

“Yes! Mr Liomba directed me to Mr Bukali who then offered to give me ZMW 30,000.00 if I could help mobilize others who, like me, were in the past arrested over Barotseland matters so that we can together openly renounce the independence bid,” revealed one ex-detainee on condition of anonymity.

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“It’s unfortunate that the other prisoner (Afumba Mombotwa) who has been left is being tortured because when you are informed that you are going to be pardoned by the President and later on you hear a minister say that ‘you have not been pardoned’, its torture of the worst kind.” Kambwili.

Lusaka, National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader, Chishimba Kambwili, has charged that the incoherence of statements over the pardoning of prisoners on the presidents birthday is proof that there is a chipante pante govt in place.

On Monday, State House Press Aide Isaac Chipampe announced in a statement that the President had pardoned 5 prisoners from various correctional facilities to mark his 63rd birthday.

“To mark His 63rd Birthday which falls today, His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has pardoned five inmates from various correctional facilities. The President has pardoned Chief Mulongwe, Former Minister in the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Government Maxwell Mwale, Journalist Derrick Sinjela, Afumba Mombofwa, and former Zambia Airforce Commander Christopher Singogo. The President’s action is in line with Article 97 of the Constitution of Zambia Chapter (l) of the Laws of Zambia which provides for Presidential Pardon and Substitution of Severe Punishments imposed on the convicted,” read the statement.

But later the same day, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo during a press briefing announced only 4 names leaving out Mombofwa, and when asked, the minister said his statement superseded the earlier statement issued by State House.

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Our independent sources have confirmed that Mr Afumba Mombotwa has not been released from jail and that no such instructions to release him have been issued to the prison authorities by 10:00 hrs this morning.

While Afumba Mombotwa and his fellow political prisoners, Inambao and Pelekelo confirm listening to the various news bulletins announcing his name among the five inmates supposedly pardoned by the Zambian president yesterday, Mr Mombotwa has not yet received any official contact or communication from the prison authorities to that effect.

And the authorities at Kabwe’s Mukobeko State maximum prison have confirmed that in spite of the various announcements about Mr Mombotwa’s supposed pardon, no official instructions have yet been issued to release him from the correctional facility.

“Unfortunately, we don’t work on radio or television announcements. To carry out any such instructions, we must have written or direct orders from the prison hierarchy, which we have not yet received. So, we do not know if any such instructions have been issued,” stated a prison officer at the state maximum facility speaking anonymously.

Understandably, all release orders for the day are issued and carried out between 08:00hrs and 10:00hrs, and by 10:00hrs no such orders had been received in respect of Afumba Mombotwa.

Mr Afumba Mombotwa (60), the Barotseland independence leader, was yesterday named among five inmates supposedly pardoned by the Zambian president to celebrate his 63rd birthday.

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The Kaoma Magistrates' Court on Monday adjourned the matter in which 25-year-old Barotseland activist Munyinda Munukayumbwa,  is facing four counts of libel.

Kaoma senior resident magistrate Chrispin Hampungani adjourned the matter to November 26 and 27 for continued trial, after State witnesses failed to travel from Lusaka to Kaoma due to logistical challenges.

Munukayumbwa, who was composed as magistrate Hampungani announced the adjournment in a packed courtroom, is being represented by Mr Victor Kachaka of ICN Legal Practitioners.

Magistrate Chrispin Hampungani ordered the state to ensure all witnesses are brought before the court on the agreed dates.

Counsel Kachaka echoed the magistrate's stance so that there shall be no more delays in the matter.

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If you know your Bible, you would understand that I am not the first to criticise hypocritical days of prayers and fasting!

The prophet of God Amos did! So did the prophet, Isaiah! Even the Lord Jesus Christ did! In Isaiah chapter 58 and Amos 5:7-17, you will find out what kind of fasting the Lord requires!

I know you will think I am wrong, sinful or you may actually think I am insulting God especially if you are ignorant of the word of God!

You might even label me a dissident and criminal, but I will exercise my freedom of speech even louder!

What I am propagating here is the sacred word of God!

Stop your filthy prayers and fasting and just go and keep justice, stop oppressing the weak, poor and minorities, among them the Barotse people whom you have deprived of justice and basic human rights of conscience, association and free assembly!

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University of Zambia (UNZA) Dean in the School of Veterinary Medicine, Professor King Shimumbo Nalubamba has been installed as the new Senior Chief Nalubamba of Namwala district.

In a colourful ceremony attended by top Zambian government officials and Butoka traditional leaders held yesterday, Sunday 13th October 2019, Chief Nalubamba thanked government most profoundly for the support that has been rendered by the government to his Chiefdom from the time the late Chief Bright Nalubamba passed on until now.

Prof. King Shimambo said he considered it a privilege to be installed as the new Chief Nalubamba, and would work hard for the subjects who his father, the late Chief loved most dearly.

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LUSAKA, Zambia.

PROMINENT lawyer Christopher Mundia was on Tuesday, 8th October 2019 put to rest with a call on lawyers to be honest, just and compassionate.

Mundia who once served as Law Association of Zambia president died aged 79 on Friday 4th October 2019, leaving behind a wife, 11 children and 28 grandchildren.

Speaking during the funeral mass at Lusaka's St Ignatius Parish yesterday, Father Charles Chilinda said there was more to life than the glamour of the profession and wealth.

Scores of mourners, including former president Rupiah Banda, former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa, Socialist Party president Dr Fred M’membe and former information minister Chishimba Kambwili turned up to pay their last respects to Mundia.

Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Eddie Mwitwa and solicitor general Abraham Mwansa led lawyers to the funeral mass which was also attended by former Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito.

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Recently, in August of 2019, Panthera, the global wild cat conservation organization, and the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) in partnership with Peace Parks Foundation and Cartier launched the Saving Spots project – an innovative and culturally-sensitive conservation initiative that seeks to protect declining wild cat populations using synthetic leopard, serval and lion furs, known as ‘Heritage Furs’.

This partnership was announced in New York, NY, USA, through a press release of 8th August 2019 by Panthera’s Susie Weller Sheppard.

The Press Briefing is here below reproduced in full.

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Actually, the correct answer to this question is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Therefore, a brief explanation will be necessary for a clearer understanding.

Throughout its illustrious history, Barotseland has endured considerable changes to its name, boundaries and political status. However, this article will only focus on the most notable changes, starting with the most recent.

In Zambia currently, Barotseland’s boundaries are exactly and equal to the Western Province. These boundaries are what was inherited at Zambia’s independence in 1964, having been mapped out by The Northern Rhodesia (Barotseland) Order in Council 1953 as ‘Barotseland Protectorate’. The attached map is evidence of this.

Therefore, although the Barotse territory underwent a name change in 1969 when Kenneth Kaunda unilaterally renamed it ‘Western Province’, its boundaries have never actually been altered to date.

However, the change in name, though official in Zambia, does not really change what the territory is to its inhabitants.

Barotseland is simply Barotseland to its people!

The Barotseland Post, also known as The Barotsepost, is an online media platform, for now, that is dedicated to reporting stories and news around Barotseland and beyond, giving exclusive coverage and access to the people and the nation of Barotseland to fully express themselves in their aspirations for self- determination.