PAUL J MASIYE MASIYALETI: Farewell father, farewell teacher, farewell freedom fighter!

13 February 2019
FILE: (L-R) Paul Masiye Masiyaleti, Afumba Mombotwa, Pelekelo Likando and Sylvester Inambao Kalima at the Mumbwa Magistrate Court where Masiye was arrested and co-accused for treason with the other three.


A Moving Tribute to Honorable Paul J Masiye Masiyaleti by Nalule Mukelabai Chiyomba.

May I take this opportunity to convey my message of condolences, tribute and farewell to the Late Hon. Paul Masiye Masiyaleti.

I knew your name since I was a small boy because of the great relationship you shared with my own late father Mr Mukelabai Eric Nawa who died in 2005 while serving as a teacher at Lukona Secondary School (MHRIP).

You two looked alike, loved and cared about each other as if you were born from one and the same mother.

When your friend my father died, we his children and family had hope because you his partner was still there. Unfortunately, today you too have gone where your best friend is. Will you, please, greet him for us and tell him that we miss him dearly?

In national duty, you did your job professionally as a teacher, and many successful individuals today enjoy a happy and fulfilled life because of your contribution through the knowledge you imparted in them.

They will remember and miss you.

Barotseland will never forget you but will remember you eternally.

You spent days and nights in prison for Barotseland. Many have died while working to make sure Barotseland is recognized; today you have joined that list. We shall dearly miss you for that!

Not forgetting your own children; they are going through unimaginable pain and anguish right now. Only God will heal their pain.

Go greet your friend! Greet other freedom fighters. May your soul rest in perfect eternal peace!

A luta continua! Your legacy will live on!

Go well Father, go, well uncle, go well our teacher, and go well our freedom fighter.

Farewell, farewell, farewell till we meet again!

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